Signs Your Timber Floors Are Due For Professional Restoration

Hardwood floors are considered one of the most classic materials that you could choose for your home. It is no wonder that they carry a premium price tag, as they will add elegance to your space while also providing you with durable flooring. Nonetheless, despite the fact that hardwood gets better as it matures, it does not mean it is exempt from acquiring cosmetic damages. These surface imperfections become even more pronounced if you are not engaging in arduous maintenance to retain the pristine appearance of the flooring. Read More 

How to Keep Your Home’s Carpets Looking and Feeling Their Best

Carpeting is a great choice for homes with young children and especially babies, who may play on the floor and need something soft and comfortable underfoot. Carpeting also absorbs sound, so it's good for busy homes where you need some protection against the noise of foot traffic, televisions, dogs barking, and the like. Note a few tips you might consider, even before having new carpeting installed in your home, for keeping this flooring looking and feeling its best. Read More 

Dealing With Damaged Ceramic Kitchen Tiles

If you have tiled your kitchen floor with ceramic tiles, you will know that they look great. However, ceramic tiles can be damaged if heavy objects are dropped on them. This damage can take the form of scratches, dents or cracks. If the tiles on your kitchen floor have been damaged, you should check out the DIY repair guide below. Scratched Tiles If the tile has been slightly scratched, you should be able to repair it using nail polish. Read More 

How to Restore a Timber Floor

A timber floor is a great feature in any home. Timber has a rustic appearance and holds heat, which means that walking around barefooted when it is cold isn't a problem. Timber is also amazingly durable. However, if your timber floor is located in a hallway or other area which gets a lot of use, it will eventually start to look tired and worn. However, do not despair. With a little effort, you can soon restore your timber floor to its former glory. Read More 

How to Choose the Right Type of Decking Material for Your Property

When you're ready to have a new deck installed on your property, you may be surprised, and even a little overwhelmed, by your many choices of materials. Some wood species may be a better choice than others, depending on your family and the location of the deck itself, and some materials may not even be wood, but a composite of plastic and wood pieces that are pressed together to form planks. Read More