Factors To Take Into Account When Selecting Timber Flooring Supplies

Installing new flooring in your home is a major undertaking. Your choice of materials will not only influence the aesthetic value of your residence but they will also determine how durable the flooring will be, more so if your home experiences a considerable amount of foot traffic from humans and pets alike. But while tile flooring has been a staple option for decades past, more and more homeowners are gravitating towards timber flooring supplies for their undeniable visual appeal, warmth and longevity. However, if you are to make the most of timber flooring, you need to ensure you are purchasing timber materials that will be well-adapted to your needs. Here are some of the factors to take into account when selecting timber flooring supplies.

Consider the grade of the timber flooring supplies

Contrary to pour belief, timber flooring supplies are not solely differentiated by their species. Instead, it is important that you also consider the grade since this aspect will impact both the feel and the appearance of the wood. Standard grade timber, for example, will provide you with flooring supplies that have an even grain and hue. This option would be best suited to a contemporary home with a muted colour palette. On the other hand, rustic grade timber is characterised by having a medley of veins, colour variations, knots and so on, all of which work to give these flooring supplies a visually interesting appearance. Have a look at the various grades available so you can establish which timber flooring supplies will work best for your interiors.

Consider the boards of the timber flooring supplies

Timber flooring supplies comprise individual boards of wood that are installed onto the floor. The blunder some homeowners make is assuming that the board size is purely about aesthetic preference, but this could not be further from the truth. The reality is the board sizes will have an impact on the interior design of your space. For instance, if you are installing timber flooring in a small room, choosing parquetry style boards can make the area seem even smaller than it is. In this scenario, opting for elongated boards of wood would be best since these will draw the eye across the floor, creating the illusion of space. A few additional considerations to bear in mind when picking the right board size for your flooring are the thickness of the timber flooring supplies as well as the width of the boards.

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