Dealing With Damaged Ceramic Kitchen Tiles

If you have tiled your kitchen floor with ceramic tiles, you will know that they look great. However, ceramic tiles can be damaged if heavy objects are dropped on them. This damage can take the form of scratches, dents or cracks. If the tiles on your kitchen floor have been damaged, you should check out the DIY repair guide below.

Scratched Tiles

If the tile has been slightly scratched, you should be able to repair it using nail polish. Simply find a shade of nail polish which is a close match for the colour of the tile and apply a small amount. The less nail polish you apply, the better the end result will be, as you will not have unsightly blobs of nail polish stuck to the surface of the tile. If you apply too much nail polish to the tile, you should use a soft cotton pad to lift the excess away.

Dented Tiles

If a ceramic tile has been dented, you should first clean the damaged area using a soft cloth and warm water to remove any dirt or debris which is clinging to the surface of the tile. Then, wipe down the area with a dry cloth to dry it. Once the tile is dry, you can apply epoxy resin, which is available from all good home DIY stores, to the dented area. Use a small trowel to smooth out the epoxy resin, so it is completely flush with the tile surface. You should then wait for the epoxy resin in dry. The exact amount of time required for this process will be listed on the back of the packaging. You can then seal the area with a coat of sealant to keep out any moisture and dirt.

Cracked Tiles

If a tile is completely cracked, it may be possible to use epoxy resin to hold it together. However, extensive cracking will typically completely compromise the stability of the tile, so your DIY repair may not last very long. Unless you want to repeatedly carry out repair work, when a tile is completely cracked, it is typically best to call in professional flooring contractor so they can replace the damaged tile with a new one. If too many of your tiles are cracked, it's probably worth it to replace the floor as a whole.

If you would like to find out more about installing and maintaining kitchen tiles, you should contact a professional flooring company.