4 Reasons to Pick Open-Cell Instead of Closed-Cell Carpet Tile Backing for Your Office

Carpet tiles are excellent for offices, but you need to think long and hard about what kind of carpet tiles to use. You'll probably start by thinking about colour, design, and pile-depth, but one of the most crucial decisions is whether to opt for closed-cell backing or open-cell backing. 

Here are just four reasons why open-cell backing is the way to go for your office.

1. Stays Looking Good

Office flooring is going to be subjected to a healthy amount of foot traffic, usually from people wearing outdoor shoes, and heavy furniture is going to be placed on it. This means you need a resilient carpet tile that can keep bouncing back to look fresh and springy for longer.

Closed-cell backing does protect fibres and absorb pressure, but it tends to break down as time goes by. This will leave the carpeting across main avenues of foot traffic looking worn and pitted. Open cell backing lasts a lot longer because air returns to the open cells after compression, essentially helping them re-inflate.

2. Protects Against Moisture Damage

From spilled cups of tea to wet shoes, office carpets encounter a surprising amount of moisture, and they can start to experience moisture-based problems as a result. Of course, you could always protect yourself from such problems by looking for open cell backing. It actually wicks moisture upwards to have it evaporated from the seams of the carpet tile. In contrast, closed cell backing will trap moisture beneath the carpet, potentially leading to mould growth.

3. Extremely Comfortable

People are going to be standing around on your office carpet for long periods of time, and it only makes sense to provide a rich sense of comfort for both visiting clients and your own employees. That's where open cell backing comes in; it uses technology similar to the padding in high-performance running shoes, ensuring outstanding support while reducing muscle fatigue. Closed cell backing will still provide cushioning, but it's never going to be quite as effective.

4. Excellent Sound Deadening Qualities

Again, cushioned carpeting will always help reduce ambient noise and vibrations, but open cell backing performs that role more effectively since its multitude of air pockets is fantastic at deadening sound. You'll be surprising what a difference it makes to your office. With a quieter atmosphere in which to work, your team will be more productive, and they'll enjoy working a lot more when they can hear themselves think.