Reasons to Consider Carpet for Your Home

No other flooring offers the warmth and coziness of carpet. Whether in a living area or bedroom, its softness generates a feeling of comfort and care. Read on to discover further benefits of covering the floors in your home with this flooring option.

Provides Diverse Colours and Patterns

With carpet, you have an endless variety of colours and textures to pick from. You could lay a uniform green-blue for a relaxing vibe or go for a vivid red and gold pattern. Carpet — using materials such as wool or acrylic — can be either loop or cut. When the fibres are weaved into the fabric back, they form loops, hence the name loop pile. 

Sometimes the top of the loops can be clipped, creating a cut pile carpet. Cut piles, with long fibres, make shaggy flooring, and loop piles form hardwearing and sleek surfaces. However, you'll have endless varieties of carpets with diverse fibres lengths, some are plush, others harder, and the fibres can be thick or thin. Some carpeting creates a pattern by combining cut and loop sections to create a textured design. Overall, you'll have endless possibilities to consider for your flooring.

Adds Warmth to the Decor

Carpets give a softer feel than other materials like vinyl, laminate, hardwood, and ceramic. Thus, it's ideal for children as it cushions falls, possibly preventing injury. Additionally, the soft fibres muffle noise so you won't have to listen to heels clipping along the surface. Nor will you need to creep about shoeless at night so as not to wake up others. Thus, everyone will get a better night's sleep.

Easy to Install

Carpet is easier and quicker to install than flooring like tiles and floorboards, which need to be laid one by one. During a carpet installation, contractors unwind the role and stretch and tack the edges to prevent wrinkles. They can cover larger areas much faster, without having to worry about tile grout or fastening each floorboard. A pad underneath the carpet will absorb impact, make the flooring softer while reducing wear and tear.

Helps to Purify the Air

Carpet helps to keep dust and allergens out of the air by absorbing them within the pile. This helps allergy sufferers who won't breathe in so many allergens as a result. Conversely, on hard surfaces like floorboards and tiles, dust and dirt scatter into the air with every footstep. However, make sure to vacuum your carpet regularly and steam clean it periodically to remove this trapped debris. 

Reach out to a professional for a carpet installation