All of Your Timber Floor Questions Answered

Opting for a timber floor installation is a great way to bring charm to any room. After the initial excitement subsides, you may wonder what you need to do to clean your new addition. Fortunately, timber floors don't require much effort at all.

Can you vacuum timber floors?

Yes, you can vacuum your timber floors. Vacuuming is the best way to gather dust and dirt from between the cracks and crevices of your timber floors. Also, using it as a step in your floor-cleaning routine ensures you're not spreading dust and dirt from place to place as you mop.

Can you mop timber floors? 

Although you can mop timber floors, doing so with a mop that carries dense volumes of liquid isn't a smart idea. Water that soaks into the flooring, especially in rooms with poor ventilation, may damage the joists beneath. Additionally, you could find yourself tackling damp. To mop floors the right way, wring your mop to the stage that it barely trails any water across the floor. The idea is to aim for minimal dampness, not a good soaking.

Can you use vinegar on wooden flooring?

Although vinegar is an excellent natural cleaning fluid in many situations, it could damage your hardwood flooring. Thanks to its acidic nature, vinegar will break down the coating and colouring of your wood floors. Over time, this will lead to an unequal finish that's difficult to resolve without trying to install a new version or sand and refinish. If you like using vinegar because it contains fewer toxins, consider using black tea in warm water. Alternatively, most supermarkets now stock eco-friendly products, which act as a more convenient option.

How can you minimise the amount of dirt they encounter?

Depending on the timber floor coating, you may find that more effort goes into keeping your floors dirt-free. However, you can make this less tiresome by engaging in a few simple household rules:

  • Execute a ruthless shoe ban, as the floor's crevices will cling to dirt.
  • Run over your flooring with a microfiber cloth that's likely to draw dust and invisible debris towards it.
  • Wax the floor on a yearly basis using a high-end product that will nourish the wood.

When you install timber floors, you should always see them as a gorgeous investment. Plowing a little effort into their upkeep is a worthwhile activity that will reduce the need to pay for expensive repairs later on.