Incomparable Benefits of Electing to Install Floating Floors

You may have heard about floating floors, but if you do not have them, you probably have no idea what makes them so unique. First, floating floors do not refer to the actual state of the flooring but instead is a term coined due to the installation method utilised. Rather than the flooring being attached to the substrate, they are simply integrated directly above the pre-existing flooring by interlocking the boards together. This form of installation provides a host of benefits, making this type of flooring worth considering when re-flooring your home. The following article illustrates a few of the incomparable advantages of electing to install floating floors

Floating floors are astonishingly time and cost efficient

Re-flooring your home can be an arduous, time-intensive process. As a result, you and your loved ones may have to endure a significant amount of inconvenience before you can enjoy your new floors. If you want to avoid having to move out for a few days or perhaps be restricted to specific areas of the home, you should contemplate choosing floating floors as your preferred installation technique. Since the planks connect as quickly as a jigsaw puzzle, floating floors can be installed in the shortest time possible. Your primary concern will be whether you prefer tongue and groove interlocks or the click-lock variety. Additionally, the quick installation means reduced labour costs, making the flooring economical for any budget.

Floating floors are incredibly flexible

If you are unfamiliar with floating floors, you may be unaware of the expansion gap that is incorporated into their installation. This expansion gap functions to provide the floorboards with sufficient leeway to expand and contract. Hence, floating floors are ideally suited for Australia's humid climate as the floor planks will not be susceptible to warping or bowing when moisture in the environment causes them to swell. Moreover, the floating floors are ideal for wet environments such as your bathroom or kitchen, as long as you have them sealed with a waterproof coating. It should also be noted that floating floors is an excellent installation technique for timber flooring. After the pieces have been interconnected, the flooring acts as one flexible unit, which reduces the chances of the gapping that typically occurs with conventional timber flooring.

Floating floors are wonderfully eco-friendly

Another underrated advantage of choosing floating floors over conventional installation techniques is how environmentally friendly this solution is. You have the option of selecting recycled timber as a sustainable flooring material. Secondly, since the technicians do not have to remove your existing floors, there is minimal wastage of materials, which reduces the possibility of contributing to landfills.