Four herringbone mosaic tile patterns that your bathroom should have

Mosaic tiles are one of the most elegant finishes that you can give your home. They come in a number of colours, finishes and patterns. The herringbone pattern is one of the most stylish and romantic patterns you can have in your bathroom. The pattern has been popular for a number of decades, and despite its fancy look, it is one of the easiest to install. Here are four amazing ideas on how you can install mosaic tiles in a herringbone pattern.

Installing a diagonal herringbone pattern

When installing the diagonal herringbone pattern, you interlock the tiles such that they a pattern that resembles waves but with sharp corners. This is the ideal pattern to install if you want to create a busy but interesting pattern. You can also opt to install the tiles in a manner whereby they interlock at a ninety degree angle. People prefer the second option because it looks a little less relaxed than the first option, and it is more elegant.

Using an extra-long subway tile

The other option that you have with the installation of these tiles, is installing extra-long tiles. You can interlock the tiles in diagonal patterns to create waves which will be very pleasing to the eye. To make the pattern livelier, you can order the tiles in a number of complementary colours and colour code your bathroom.

Using a high variation glaze

Another great way to install the herringbone pattern is varying between a high and low glaze on a strong pattern of tile. This variation creates a classic look with a very unique flare. This mosaic pattern creates an impression of handmade and very unique tiles.

Using a single soft colour

Another pattern that you can think about is creating a diagonal herringbone with a single and very soft colour. Colours like grey, azure and sea green will do very well when you want to use the herringbone to create a romantic mood.  You can have the edges of the tiles highlighted with a colour like white to mark boundary after installation.

Other ideas that you can explore when installing herringbone pattern mosaics include adding a pop of contrasting colours to some of the tiles, and using horizontal herringbone stripes. As long as you have a reliable tile installation or home renovation contractor working with you, changing your tile pattern to the romantic herringbone will be easy and enjoyable. Consult tiling contractors for the best results in giving your bathroom a fresh look.