5 Tips to Keep Your Wooden Deck in Tip Top Condition

Timber decking is one of the best ideas for your outdoors. Far from the obvious aesthetic reasons, this type of decking guarantees you a stable and durable floor that will continue to impress for a long time.  However constant foot traffic, liquid spills, and harsh weather can lead to damage of your decking if regular maintenance is not carried out. The following are maintenance tips to keep your deck in tip-top condition.

1.    Sweep and clean the deck regularly

Regular cleaning will ensure that there are no particles trapped between the joists and that the deck remains well maintained. You do not want dirt and leaves to accumulate and eventually cause discolouring of your timber deck. If you have flower plants, place them on the cement slabs and not directly on the wooden decking. 

2.    Seal the deck

Water damage caused by rain or spills can cause your wooden deck to warp, rot and get weak. Ensure that you use a sealant to protect your wood from swelling as a result of unnecessary moisture. The waterproof seal will keep impurities from penetrating the wood, making it more resilient to water damage. Regardless of whether the wood is pressure treated or not, sealing is the best option for a stable, great looking and durable timber decking.

3.    Brighten the wood

The UV rays of the sun can make the timber deck fade or dry. The latter will contribute to the wood retaining water on the surface making it easily warped. Applying a brightening solution available in most hardware stores will give your wood more lustre, and vibrancy. 

4.    Restore the wood

At times, a constant change in temperature will make your wood to contract or expand constantly and might lead to nails popping out. Hammering the nails back may not be enough especially if some wood appears cracked or adversely damaged due to age. Have this replaced with new wood to restore your deck back to its original colour and beauty, and avoid splinters and tripping. 

5.    Constantly do a routine maintenance 

Routine maintenance procedures that will combine all these steps will leave your timber decking finish looking amiable all through. If you do grilling on your deck, a grease catcher might come in handy, if it snows, shovel the snow away from the deck as soon as possible, and of course, tightening of loose railings and boards will keep it intact.

These simple steps will ensure you maintain a durable wooden deck for your outdoor activities. Even without showing signs of deterioration, regular inspection, and maintenance is necessary. For more information, contact companies like Barrenjoey Timber.