Using Carpet Runners in Your Home

Narrow, rectangular-shaped strips of carpeting quite often are the first thing that your guests see when they enter your home. Runners provide the basis for their initial impression, and when strategically placed, invite guests to climb the stairs, travel through hallways, or enter other rooms within your home. Runners enhance the beauty and comfort of your living space, while also creating a stunning focal point for hallways, stairs, and busy areas of the home. The use of runners in homes or businesses is a popular practice for a wide variety of reasons.

Theme Enhancement

Whether you've chosen a runner to provide a transition along a hallway connecting rooms, or within a heavily used area to protect the carpeting or flooring beneath, the presence of a runner can accentuate the decorative theme portrayed throughout your home. Your selection is critical since it should be equally beautiful in comparison to the surrounding decor. For example, you'll want it to complement the natural beauty of existing hardwood floors, while also accentuating the room's decor with a stylish twist of colour and unique patterning that picks up some of the colours found in your furniture, drapery and wall hangings, bringing it all together into a simple, unified vision of loveliness.

Sound Buffering

A carpet runner minimizes the level of noise created by daily foot traffic by acting as an acoustic cushion for your home. The sound of feet hitting the floor is partially absorbed by the thick carpet fibres, thus reducing the echoing noises that sometimes occur in various parts of the home, such as the hallways.

Quality Protection

The presence of carpet runners enhances the resilience and longevity of your flooring as they protect the finish of hardwood floors against the onslaught of daily foot traffic. Stair runners protect wood against scratches, scuff marks, and discoloration caused by feet constantly going up and down from one floor to another. Placing a runner on top of carpeting in an area continually experiencing high traffic helps to minimize wear and tear on the carpet.

Visual Statement

The placement of your carpet runner creates a visual statement that immediately captures the attention of anyone walking through the area. Depending upon the style of your runner, you can create a contemporary feel to your hallway or a more traditional one with a distinctive sense of formality. Your sense of decor is reflected in every element of your home, including the runner, and today, you have many beautiful choices to reflect your sense of style.

Safety Feature

In many cases, carpet runners are chosen for their ability to enhance the safety of anyone walking throughout your home or using your stairs. Carpeting offers a non-slip surface that minimizes the potential for a slip or fall, greatly enhancing the safety of your home, particularly for elderly loved ones.

Added Comfort

Carpet runners cushion your feet and deliver a higher level of comfort when the existing foundation is tiled or crafted from hard wood. In the cooler weather, a hallway or foyer runner can warm your feet, while also assisting in capturing enough heat to help keep your home well insulated. They even keep your feet comfortable when walking barefoot. During the warmer months, your carpet runner captures the cooler air from your air conditioning unit and helps to keep the interior of your home comfortably cool.